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    A  Poi  (Māori: "Ball", plural:  Poi ) is a spinning element, which is used within the artistry for presenting art of movement. Poi spinning rod is kinesthetic related to turning or Penspinning, since crossing the manipulation of a rotating object to be kinetic center, stands in front of and adjacent to both sides of the body and not on throwing and catching objects. The traditional Poi game is about a thousand years old and is considered by the descendants of New Zealand's indigenous today as a cultural tradition.

Dancing with poi     The "Poi game" a Poi is usually swung by utilizing centrifugal force in varied, almost circular orbits around the body in each hand. For many players, it is a stated aim to combine the trajectories of both Poi skillfully and varied, up to the game with two Poi in one hand, the spinning fire poi with is mandatory for the majority of Poispieler after a training phase without fire. 

Source: Wikipedia

  •   Suitable for performers, kapa haka, schools, universities, hospitals, occupational therapy, confidence courses or simply hanging out and spinning with friends.

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