• The ribbon colors:
dypoidesign ribbon color saten  
p1: Gold
p2: Bee Yellow
p3: Desert Sand
p4: Cotton Candy
p5: Pink‎

dypoidesign saten ribbon color

o1: Firebrick
o2: Orange
o3: Jade Green
o4: Light Sea Green‎
o5: Dark Green‎

dypoidesign ribbon color saten

i1: Medium Orchid
i2: Deep Sky Blue
i3: Blue
i4: Mightnight Blue

    dypoidesign color poi head
  • The Poi head color:
    • 01: Purple
      02: Orange
      03: Yellow
      04: Brown
      05: Cream
      06: Red
      07: Violet
    dypoidesign color cord
  • The string colors:
    • red

  • The leather ring color: 
    • L1: Orange‎
      L2: Red‎
      L4: Black‎
      L5: Brown‎
      L6: Blue‎

      L7: Green

The package contain

- 1Pair of 2 spinning poi
- Leather finger ring
- Cord
- Silk poi head filed with the blessing rise
Adults Saten ribbon tail: 3x 1m long

- Kids Saten ribbon tail: 2x60 cm long
- Adults Width: 210 cm & Weight: 140 g
- Kids Width: 120 cm & Weight: 60 g

The set include a pair of 2 ribbon tailed poi and a carry bag for protection.

The delivery package

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 8 cm
Item Weight:  70 g - 140 g

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